International Freight Forwarding :

We do not sell our services to our customers but partner with them in their business. We study your requirements and provide tailor made solutions which will help you in cost reduction, save time and more focus on your business.

Global Project Logistics :

Expertise counts when it comes to project and over-dimensional cargos handling. Years of hands-on experience in over-dimensional, project, critical cargo handling gives us strength to provide you right solutions, which help you to reduce your expenditures on logistics…

Oil & Gas Logistics :

Reliability and promptness plays major role in Oil & Gas Logistics. We understand the importance of deadlines, especially in case of critical shipments and ensures extra care has been taken for smooth handling and prompt deliveries. Over a decade of experience in handling Oil & Gas critical shipments enabled us stand out as unique logistics partner for the Industry.

Supply Chain Management :

In today’s world, supply chain complexity becomes an important subject of discussion in the corporate world. A professional and reliable logistics partner only can provide you right solutions which will help you meet deadlines for production and deliveries. Years of proficiency in managing supply chain activities and providing apt solutions helped us mounting the list of satisfied customers.

Customs Brokerage :

Understanding local and international requirements and regulations plays key role in hassle free handling of shipments and providing solutions to customers. With our qualified staff, local and international partners, we are successful in providing right solutions to our valuable customers for any documentation requirements especially for Letter of Credit shipments.

Leader in Total Logistic Solutions.

Understanding the requirements, providing tailor made right solutions and ensuring the best services to customers are the key aspects we identify, value and practice.

We take the complete responsibility of tasks assigned to us from the very first day, which gives you back your valuable time to concentrate on your business than in logistics activities, resulting in more productivity and savings.

Wings & Waves

Wings and Waves International is a group of experienced Logistics Professionals from Multi National environment. With years of hands on experience in different areas of Logistics including International Freight Forwarding, Oil & Gas Logistics, Supply Chain management/Warehousing and Distribution, Project Logistics etc, our professional team is capable of handling any logistics requirements and provide end-to-end solutions to our valuable customers.

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